Ireland River Cruise - Holidays on the Shannon and Erne

We have two suppliers available in Ireland, Carrick Craft and Silverline. Information on each is available.


River Cruise in Ireland

Cruise the beautiful rivers of Ireland in a river cruiser. Travel gently past castles, farmland, picturesque villages and the wonders of nature and wildlife. Marvel at the tranquility of the countryside, moor up whenever you feel the urge, have a swim, relax! Pop into a local hostelry, and have a great evening of music and fun.

Worldwide River Cruise has a wide range of River Cruise Boats available for rent at competitive rates. We have depots on the rivers Shannon and Erne, so you can be sure of finding an itinerary to suit you.

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There are thousands of reasons to take to the waterways. Lasting memories are created on a river holiday. For some people is is the bird song as they pass the treelined riverbank, for others it is the morning cycle to pick up the still warm bread from a nearby village or lying on the bankside reading a good book. Why not try it and find your favouite moments?

Here are a few of the main attractions of river cruising.

Relaxation - First and foremost travelling by river is one of the most relaxing forms of transport. You can take your time. You are the captain of your own holiday.

Natural Beauty - On the waterways of the world you are close to nature. You only need to look and listen to appreciate the flora and fauna of ever changing ecosystems.

Self Sufficiency - Cruising on the river you are as self contained as you wish to be. You have all you need aboard. Unless you wish to sample the joys of a riverside pub or restaurant or explore the local area, you will not need to leave your boat.


Lismore Castle

River Cruise in Ireland

Excellent Family Holiday - Children love travelling on the water. The scenery constantly changes so there is always something new to see or do; birdwatching, spotting boat names, With good supervision children from the age of 6 or 7 years can help with locks, tying up and even steering. River based activities abound including swimming, canoeing and fishing. At the end of every day they will likely sleep like babes thanks to the fresh air and excitment.

Towns - Rivers were historically the lifeblood of commerce. Often the mooring is at the heart of towns enabling easy access to shopping and historical sites.

Heritage - Canals and rivers have been highways since the earliest times. Trade and commerce flowed like the water, and the mills, trading towns, castles, estates and abbeys were built to face these highways. Waterways also often formed the borders between one region and the next, leading to the building of fortified towns and villages en route. The canals are a lasting landmark of the industrial revolution which quite literally moved mountains to create tunnels, aqueducts, bridges, locks and boat lifts.

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